Some would say, we are college football obsessed we like to think we are just passionate!

4th Sep 2017

Every year we accept the challenge to fall in love with sports a little more than the year before. This year seems pretty special as a sports fan in Oklahoma. Our love for OU has been tested with a new coach, although it wasn't really tested we are pretty unshakable in our love for the crimson & creme. OSU came out ranked high in the polls and if for no other reason Gundy's mullet is giving us a little bit of life. The Oklahoma City Thunder has made some exciting moves in the off season and we are all anxiously awaiting the beginning of the season... and of course Westbrook picking up that pen and signing that all important contract!

It's a great time to be in Oklahoma and love Oklahoma sports! We hope when you shop our collegiate collection you can tell we built it with heart and passion for the games we love and support and honestly the games we want to look good attending and support. 

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